Eric B. Staros, M.D.

Position: Untitled document

Associate Professor of Pathology
Director of Clinical Pathology
Director of Cytopathology

Untitled document Washington University School of Medicine, M.D.,
St. Louis, MO 1981

Weill Cornell Medical College,
New York Presbyterian Hospital

AP/CP Pathology Residency, 1981 – 1982

Drexel University College of Medicine,
Hahnemann University Hospital, AP/CP

Pathology Residency, 1982 – 1985,
Chief Resident, 1984 – 1985

Office: Untitled document Desloge Towers

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CV: Eric B. Staros, M.D.

Eric B. Staros, M.D.
Eric B. Staros, M.D.
Clinical/Research Interests:
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Innate immunity, infectious disease serology

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Anatomic Pathology
Clinical Pathology


American Board of Pathology,
Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology 1985
American Board of Pathology, Cytopathology 1992

American Society for Clinical Pathology
College of American Pathologists
American Medical Association

National Member, Pennsylvania Association of Pathologists
Illinois Society of Pathologists
Association for Molecular Pathology

Departmental Affiliations



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5. Staros EB. Molecular discoveries alter our view of inflammatory bowel disease: A review from a scientific, clinical and laboratory perspective. Amer J Clin Path. 2003; 119(4):524-39.

6. Staros EB. Inflammatory bowel disease: A genomic picture predicts a changing response from the Laboratory-Part I. Laboratory Medicine 2004:4(35):241-3.

7. Staros EB. Inflammatory bowel disease: A genomic picture predicts a changing response from the laboratory-Part II. Laboratory Medicine 2004:5(35):292-8.

8. Staros EB. Innate immunity: New approaches to understanding its clinical significance. Amer J Clin Path 2005; 123(2):305-12.

9. Staros EB. Innate immunity’s connection to atherosclerosis and statins: Can the clinical laboratory venture beyond C-reactive protein? Amer J Clin Path 2006; 125:1-8.

10. Staros EB. Different Chromosomal Translocations in MALT Lymphoma Promote Cancer Through a Common Mechanism. Lab Medicine 2010; 41(6):334-337.

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