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Residency candidates must be graduates of medical schools in the United States or Canada or graduates of foreign medical schools certified by the ECFMG. Applications are accepted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Please use this program to apply. (See link  for ERAS.)

Application deadline: December 15

Application Requirements:

ERAS Application Including:


Additional Requirements for Foreign Medical Graduates


National Resident Matching Program
This department subscribes to the rules of the National Resident Matching Program. Important basic features of these rules are that we will not ask fourth year medical students to drop out of the program (or not enroll to begin with) and will not seek a commitment from any fourth year medical student to list our program first. The National Resident Matching Program exists for the benefit of you, the medical student, and the Department Pathology at Saint Louis University respects the rules of the NRMP.

(Only complete this application form if requested by us: Application pdf file )

Address inquiries to:

David S. Brink, M.D.
Director, Pathology Residency Training Program
Department of Pathology
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
1402 South Grand Blvd., St Louis, MO 63104
Phone: (314) 577-8694
(314) 577-8374
E-mail: brinkds@slu.edu

Sharon Aubuschon
Program Coordinator
Pathology Residency Training Program
Phone: (314) 577-8694
Fax: (314) 577-8374
E-mail: aubuschk@slu.edu