PhD Application

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Applications are accepted via Dr. Samson and Graduate Programs in Biological Sciences

In 1998, the five Ph.D. granting programs in the biomedical sciences at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine established a First-Year Core Curriculum for all entering doctoral students. All students apply to the Core Program and, upon acceptance, begin a year of multidisciplinary coursework and four formal laboratory rotations that lead to the selection of a graduate advisor and entry into one of the five, distinct Ph.D. programs. The first year courses focus on the basic biochemical, molecular, cellular and organismal aspects of the biomedical sciences. This prepares the student for more intensive, individualized instruction, unique to the discipline they choose to study further in the following years.

Instructors come from all five Ph.D. programs and their charge is to introduce the students to the most recent findings in their fields including not only the current level of knowledge in the field, but also the methodologies used to study the major issues in their discipline. Coursework includes didactic lectures, small group problem solving sessions, student presentations, and hands-on experience at the research bench. Additionally, students are introduced to the politics of science and the employment opportunities that await them upon completion of their graduate studies. Active seminar programs in all departments and programs provide students a broad exposure to the wide scope of biomedical research and introduce students to potential future employers or collaborators. Our emphasis is on the preparation of technically skilled and thoughtful scientists for diverse careers in academia, industry or government.

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