Frequently Asked Questions


Who utilizes your services?
Our clients come from within SLU, from researchers at other universities and private companies in the metropolitan St. Louis area, and from investigators at universities in other states across the United States.


Where are you located?

We are located within the Saint Louis University Health Sciences Center complex, in the Medical School at 1402 South Grand, St. Louis, MO, in Schwitalla Hall, Room M102.  The entrance to the building has been relocated to 3545 Vista Avenue.  Please enter at this address and a guard will direct you to our facility.


When is the lab open?

We are generally open Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm but can make special arrangements to meet your needs.  Please check for special hours during the holiday seasons.


Can I submit clinical samples?

In short, no.  We only work with samples for research studies.  Clinical samples can be submitted to either the Histopathology Lab (; 314-977-7874) or the Clinical Electron Microscopy Lab (; 314-977-7854).  For research samples utilizing human tissues, please check with us for policies regarding IRB approval.

What do you charge?

Our prices are competitive with other facilities that offer microscopy services.  Please contact us via e-mail ( or phone (314-977-7862) for a price quote.


How do I submit a sample?

A:  For investigators within SLU, you can bring the sample to our lab or give us a call and we can pick it up from your lab.  For those in the St. Louis metropolitan area, you can bring the sample to our lab or send via FedEx or private courier.  Out-of-state clients usually send samples via FedEx or UPS.

How fast will I get results?
We are very cognizant of the fact that you need results in a timely manner.  If you submit a small number of samples (1-5), we can obtain results relatively quickly. Expedited requests incur an additional fee.

How will I be billed?

We bill on a monthly basis.  You will receive an invoice from the Department of Pathology with remittance information.

Can I do my own scope work?

If you have been trained to use the microscopes, you can do your own scope work.  There will be a charge for scope time, but no additional charge for RMHC personnel.  Training times are scheduled between 1-3pm on Mondays.  Please contact us well in advance to schedule an appointment.

I don’t know if I want my samples embedded in paraffin or plastic.  Can you tell me which would be the best for my experiments?

We suggest that you discuss your project with us at the outset to determine which procedures will yield the specific information you need.  We can provide the appropriate fixative and even assist with dissections to ensure the best possible outcome for your studies.

I don’t have a lot of money but I need microscopy for a study I’m doing.  How will you work with me on this?

Once we determine your needs, often you can do much of the work.  It may be possible that after we process and section the tissue, you can do the experiment in your own lab.  If you are trained on the microscope, you can do the actual scope work, which is a savings.


Why should I use the RMHC?
We are passionate about microscopy.  We have the tools and we know how to use them.  We bring your images to life!

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