Microscopy Links


http://www.svi.nl/frontpage Excellent deconvolution and image analysis software packages.  This site also contains excellent online tools and extensive information about image restoration.

http://www.leica-microsystems.com/home/ This is a great educational site to learn more about all types of microscopes, to see stunning images, and to explore innovative microscopy applications.

www.nikonsmallworld.com Every year Nikon sponsors a photomicrography competition; see the winning entries of the past 30 years.  Don’t miss the “Image of the Day” and the “Identify the Image Challenge”.  Fantastic images—well worth a few minutes of your time.

www.emsdiasum.com The product catalog for Electron Microscopy Sciences, a major supplier of microscopy chemicals, equipment, and accessories.

www.tedpella.com and www.polysciences.com Product catalogs for both microscopy and histology supplies.

www.ihcworld.com Have questions about antigen retrieval or antibody concentrations?  This site provides an extensive database of histology and immunohistochemistry protocols.

www.slu.edu/x26545.xml The Electron Microscopy Laboratory at Saint Louis University School of Medicine provides diagnostic electron microscopy (EM) services for a wide range of surgical specimens.

www.slu.edu/x26543.xml Please see this web site for specimen requirements for submission of samples to the Histopathology Laboratory at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

www.olympusbioscapes.com Check out this site of microscopy images submitted to their international photography competition, "an extraordinary bond between science and art. . ."  You won't be disappointed!

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